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False Ceilings

ACCUCEL False Ceiling is a premium product of Accura Polytech Pvt. Ltd, made from ACCUCEL Solid PVC foam profiles with integral skin manufactured at a state of the art factory using breakthrough technology from ITALY to suit Indian condition.

False Ceiling is sturdy, elegant, prefinished, durable and long lasting. ACCUCEL False ceiling is provided with structurally strong frame work and sandwich paneled to offer heat and sound insulation. ACCUCEL False Ceiling is fabricated from ACCUCEL rigid PVC foam profile FP 10012 main element and FP 7114, FP 5615 & FP 1515 as cornice molding or edging profile.

ACCUCEL is as elegant as any premium wood in appearance. It is equally workable, can be nailed, screwed, drilled, glued, sawn, tapped or welded just like wood. ACCUCEL comes in a range of different shapes, colors & finishes. ACCUCEL is characterized by excellent screw holding strength (>200 Kgf.) In addition, shore hardness A of more than 70.
Made Of â Accucelâ Rigid Pvc Foam Profile With Integral Skin

  • Easy to install : Water proof, Termite proof
  • Fire retardant : Can be fumigated, sterilised
  • Elegant : Acid proof, Alkali proof
  • Functional : Heat & sound insulant
  • Maintenance free : Dimensionally stable
  • Long Lasting : non-dusting
  • Easy to provide fixtures & utility : light not affected by atmospheric moisture, condensate water
  • Easy workability & faster finishing : Additional insulation can be provided by EPS (Expanded polystyrene sheet) on top
  • Easy to relocate : Easy to clean, hygienic
  • Accucel Profile : FP 10012
  • Standard Length : 8', 10' & 12'
  • Colour Mahagony : White, Ivory, Silver, Grey
  • Premia range : Boverian Beech, Teak, Mahagony, Silver Brush.

Special sizes and color can be supplied on request.

Fabrication Guideline
Accucel False Ceiling â FP 10012
Providing and fixing false ceiling in GI farming and fixing structural foam PVC Accucel make ceiling profiles as per details in drawing.

GI perimeter channel of size 30 x 20 x 20 x 0.5mm along with wall angle 12mm x 12 mm with the help of nylon sleeves and screws at 610 mm center to center.

Suspending the GI Intermediate channels (38 x 12 x 0.9) Placed at 1220mm centers with the help of ceiling angle of width 25 x 10 x 0.5mm fixed to the soffit with GI cleat and steel expansion fastner.

Ceiling section of 64 x 22 x 0.5 are then fixed to intermediate channels by means of connection clip and in perpendicular direction to the intermediate channel. Accucel extruded ceiling profiles are then screwed on to the ceiling section in the direction perpendicular to the ceiling section placed at every 450mm center to center.

Screw will be fixed on the inside lip of the Accucel section and the next section will be fixed in the groove of the first section and again screwed on the other end inside lip. Dry wall screws 25 x 6 shall be used to fix these sections on the Accucel profile by countersinking holes to fix screws head.

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